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Laced with multiple shades of deprivation, loss and perseverance, Haasil highlights the relevance of religion in a Muslim’s life. It helps the reader explore the strength inherent in an individual’s determination in seeking divine help against enormous obstacles. Hadeed is a neglected child raised in a luxurious yet abusive environment. His parents’ love marriage, turned into a sour relationship after a few years. All the love eventually frizzled out leaving hatred and greed behind. Bilal and Zarshi’s insensitivity towards their only child, Hadeed moulds him into an insecure Introvert .The single pleasant thing in Hadeed’s life is Tina, his girlfriend. He shares all of his fears and anxieties with her. After he is done with school, Hadeed is sent abroad for further education. Tina promises to wait for him until he finishes his study. His parents’ disharmony reaches point of no return and they start acting wildly insane. They wanted to get rid of each other at any cost. His Mom gets attacked anonymously and puts the blame on his father. After sometime his father gets assassinated and the worst thing being that his mother is suspected to be behind the murder. Despite his efforts she gets a sentence of life term. She is unable to endure the distress and eventually commits suicide in the prison. Hadeed loses both his parents in the span of a few days. He turns to Tina for a shoulder at this dark time just to be extremely disappointed to know that Hadeed’s stigmatized family background is unacceptable for Tina’s family and she doesn’t any longer want to sustain the relationship. Hadeed had been praying at each setback of his life out of fear and desperation. Unfortunately none of his prayers got answered and he kept on losing his loved ones, one after another. At this stage of his lonely life, he gets extremely dissatisfied with himself and tries to take a drastic step by denouncing his religion and accepting Christianity. He meets a strange girl Saania in the church who is going through the worst turmoil of her life. She has tried to elope with a non Muslim boy following his murder by Saania’s brother. She was being kept in a hostel before she could be safely transported to America for an asylum. Saania by chance comes to know about his intentions and tries to dissuade him from committing the same mistake of going astray. She persuades him to change his mind without revealing her true identity and details of her dilemma. Hadeed though still in a state of despair gets convinced. Saania pretends to be in love with Hadeed who believes her after a little hesitation. He gets attracted to Sania instantly as he has always suffered from a dearth of relations all his life. They plan their life ahead and decide to get married after Hadeed has finished his education. Though he keeps in touch with Sania through writing, for some unknown reason the contact keeps on getting less and diminishes eventually. Hadeed is unable to detect the reason and is shocked yet again with the news of her death when he tries to find her after he returns back. Destiny has once again been unkind and cruel to Hadeed but he doesn’t lose heart and seeks divine help in order to persevere. He returns to America and starts gathering himself together. After a few years he plans to get married through an Islamic center and gets the shock of his life by meeting Saania there. He accuses Saania bluntly for betraying but doesn’t get any justification. Hadeed leaves the place in despair but later realizes the positive role of saania in his transformation from a vulnerable insecure being into a gratifying and content soul.



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