Meri Zaat Zarr-e-Benishan


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This is one of stories written in the earlier stages of Umera Ahmed’s career and was an instant hit due to its strong message .It was later dramatized and had a magical impact on the viewers. The drama was as popular as the book, which is an unlikely thing. With a well knit plot and beautifully put crisp dialogues, the story revolves around Saba Kareem, who is so far the most unique and different character by the same author. Saba is married to Arfeen against the wishes of his parents. Being in love with Saba, Arfeen feels a strange unfathomable tinge of spirituality in her. Despite the displeasure of his parents they are happy and satisfied with their life. Overwhelmed by her hatred Arfeen’s mother plans to get rid of Saba by maligning her character. Saba falls prey to the vicious plot as she has no proof of her innocence and apparently all evidence is going against her. The situation gets complicated when the Holy Quran is brought forth for Arfeen’s mother’s testimony and the old lady blatantly takes the oath forcing Saba to back off. While Saba is shocked at the deceitful exploitation of the holy book, Arfeen divorces her assuming that she is guilty. Saba’s whole life is shattered in the course of a short span of time. She is deprived of every single thing that she owns and yet her faith in Allah is not shaken. Being least bothered about people and their opinions about her, she keeps on working on her connection with the creator. Saba Kareem is a very impactful and strong character. The path that she was forced to chose was full of agony and grief but blessed her with the gift of self discovery and inner peace. What goes round comes round hence her perpetrator have to face destiny, their karma. She is at the peak of mercy with a strange kind of detachment when her accusers ask for pardon. False Pride, cruelty and regret, are the subthemes that add strong shades to this powerful story.


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