Break Up


Break Up is a newage love story, the story is already popular amongst popular fiction and young readers on and thus the popularity resulted into publishing same in book form.

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Break Up is a newage love story, the story is already popular amongst popular fiction and young readers on and thus the popularity resulted into publishing same in book form.

Break Up is about teenage love affair and break up of Nazli and Zain. They both belong to opposite class of society. Nazli being middle class oriented girl falls in love with flirtatious Zain when they meet accidentally. Zain belongs to elite family background & he is a spoiled brat. Break up starts with introduction of two families. Nazli’s father is running a furniture shop and Nazli is having four more siblings. Nazli’s elder brother Aamir marries Anita, a girl of his own choice despite strong resistance of his parents Javed and Roshan Ara. Nazli witnesses his brother taking stand for Anita before the whole world and she starts believing that true love looks on tempests & is never shaken.

Simultaneously story also narrates life of Kashan. Kashan’s mother Tazeen has raised Kashan as a single parent after her divorce from her husband many years ago. Kashan has seen abusive relationship of her parents and is sensitive by heart and decent by his general conduct. Tazeen is running a successful fashion brand boutique but she has experienced a very brutal married life that keeps Kashan haunted years after divorce of his parents as a child. Tazeen takes decision to take divorce from her husband just to raise Kashan as a better human being. Kashan learns some very harsh lessons in his life at a very early age due to his disturbed childhood. Kashan turns out to be a qualified doctor when he gets to meet Nazli.

Zain starts avoiding Nazli when he fails to achieve sexual advantage of her and also his mother catches them red handed dating each other. Zain formally breaks up with Nazli when she approaches to beg him for his love. Heart broken Nazli gets into manic depression and abandons her studies for the time being. She keeps on waiting for Zain until one day she finds him with another girl and he completely ignores Nazli. Zain moves on in his life while Nazli remains affected by her ‘break up’.

Nazli resumes her studies and meets Kashan who also helps her in her studies but at the same time confesses his liking towards her. Kashan’s praise for her beauty feels like a flirt to Nazli as she still has not forgotten Zain. Nazli’s affair with Zain somehow comes into knowledge of her parents and brother Amir who disgrace her for having a secret love affair at some point of her life. Nazli’s father dies and Amir blames Nazli for his death. At the same time Amir incurs huge losses in his business and subsequently sells furniture shop of Javed. Amir also starts living separately with Anita making Nazli to take on responsibilities to run the house solely. Nazli finds a job at Tazeen’s (Kashan’s mother) boutique through Kashan’s help who helps her secretly. Later Nazli gets to know about Kashan as Tazeen’s son. Nazli also manages to take a small portion of shop on rent for furniture shop of his father and her younger brother Amin starts running it. Nazli remains a continuous support for bringing out new ideas of designing to run the shop successfully. Nazli after years of striving in her studies and career becomes highly successful. She never clearly accepts Kashan’s love advancement towards her as she still has not been able to overcome her heartbreak during her teen-ages. But Kashan never gives up and continues to be good to her at every level. Kashan also gets to meet his father who gets impressed by Kashan for being a successful doctor. Kashan makes his father realise that how his mother gave sacrifices to make his life successful and how important it is for a child to have a loving father.

Meanwhile Zain goes out to UK for completion of graduation degree and gets married with Zoya who is already a divorcee with a kid. Zoya does not accept Zain’s careless attitude towards life and upon unearthing his on going extra marital affair she divorces Zain after some time. Later Zain is highlighted by media for not stopping at a police checkpoint while driving in drunk condition with his girlfriend and later fighting with the police when they shoots his car’s tyre.

After lapse of several years Nazli and Zain get to come across each other. Zain becomes completely stunned at Nazli’s successful career and education. Zain starts convincing Nazli to give him one last chance to listen to his side of story for breaking her heart. Nazli accept his request. During their last meeting at some hotel Zain brings her a bouquet but Nazli brings him the artificial gold ring which Zain once gave her as expression of love telling her it as the real gold ring. Nazli tells Zain how he hurt her and how that pain changed her and helped her learn the best leassons of life. She tells him that had they not had a break up then she would not have been able to achieve the kind of life she is living now. She thanks him for the break up and returns him the artificial ring which she had always considered as ‘real’ before break up! Zain tries to impress her once again with her old tactics of lies and deception which Nazli shuns ruthlessly. At the end of their meeting Nazli makes Zain to meet Kashan as her fiance and Kashan gives wedding card to Zain for their marriage being held next month. Nazli and Kashan both leave the place while Zain remains there with the ring returned by Nazli and his bouquet. Zain for the first time realizes the repercussions he has been facing all his life for breaking a sincere and innocent heart.


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