Maine Khuwabon Ka Shajar Dekha Hai


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Conceit, deceit egoism and selfishness are the dominant colors of Mey ney khwabon ka shajr dekha hey. It portrays the connive side of human psyche; which believes everything is fair in love and war. Shamaila is madly in love with Umar not acknowledging that he is least interested. She is devastated and heartbroken, when he prefers another girl over her. Despite the disapproval of his family Umar is adamant on marrying Sana. Shamaila hopes Umar to succumb to the family’s pressure, but he doesn’t cave in and sticks to his point. After a while his family surrenders and he marries Sana. Shamaila refuses to lose hope and instead of accepting her fate starts masterminding an evil plan against Sana. Umar and Sana are happily married and Sana supports Umar through thick and thin, which irks Shamaila even more. She discreetly starts polluting Sana’s mother in law’s mind. Sana realizes Shamaila’s vicious role in the problems she had to face with her in laws. Fate suddenly favors Shamaila when Umar divorces Sana impulsively in an unexpected argument, which became a real conflict because of Shamaila’s incessant fuelling. Shamaila takes full advantage of the situation and orchestrates a successful campaign against her own self. She makes Umar and his family believe that she has been maligned wrongly. She manipulates the situation such that Umar is pressurized to marry her in order to save her from the disgrace that she had to suffer because of Sana’s accusations. Shamaila is happy with Umar not taking into account his emotionless mechanical behavior. She is further relieved when Sana marries again. At this point in life, Shamaila touches the peak of contentment. With absolutely no trace of guilt, she is least ashamed of her duplicity and feels herself justified in her evil deeds. The biggest shock of her life is yet to come, when all her false assumptions are shattered and she sees Sana as Umar’s wife and the mother of his heirs. Shamaila’s confession and denial that depicts her complex personality contains the strongest lines of the story .



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