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Darbar-e-Dil is the story of transformation of one’s soul. Unlike the change for betterment this transformation is from good to bad. It introduces us to Meher Sami, a pious girl who did not foresee the repercussions of pride and failed badly in the most important trial of her life. Meher is a very well brought up girl with high morals. She is in fact a role model, praised by all. Life takes a sharp turn, when she gets involved with a boy unintentionally. She tries to snub him initially, but he persists and keeps on lingering. Meher finally caves in but under a sense of guilt. The connection with this boy, Momi starts affecting her life in a negative way. People around her start noticing the subtle changes. She feels the need of commitment and forces Momi to send his proposal formally. Momi meets with an accident and vanishes from her life without leaving any trace. Meher is left feeling shocked and helpless since she was unaware of his whereabouts. After Momi’s disappearance, life for Meher changes dramatically. She is not able to handle the trauma and her entire personality transforms from a modest and ethical person to an extremely liberal modern girl. Later in life she gets married to a handsome educated boy who’s fallen in love with her and is as liberal as her. Her attitude towards her husband is very indifferent despite his deep love and affection. Her thought s still revolves around Momi and how Allah did not give her what she wanted despite her piety and prayers. The story comes to a climax when her self pity and wallowing comes to an abrupt end when she discovers that Momi was flirting with her and she was just a bet for him.


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