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Lahaasil is a sublime tale of individuals who faced different trials in life. Driven by desire, belief, pride and prejudice, they run their lives according to their views. Khadija Noor, the centre stage character is an epitome of belief, patience and self-sacrifice. Mazhar, a seemingly practicing Muslim is a self proclaimed caretaker of Islam. Marium another main character is desire, personified.Catherine is a British girl, whose Pakistani father betrayed her mother, Ruth. This left irreparable scars on their lives. Catherine had to take care of Ruth at an early age and couldn’t acquire proper education. She gets indebted after Ruth is diagnosed with cancer. Despite efforts Ruth doesn’t survive. After her death the unpaid debts leave Catherine with no option other than to work as a prostitute. She tries hard to abandon it but financial constraints do not let her survive otherwise. Unfortunately by the time she is able to pay all her debt she is already stigmatized as “The dusky damsel” in the neighborhood. Catherine decides to leave London t o start a new life when she meets Mazhar. Despite a bitter beginning they develop affinity and she gets attracted to him. Mazhar turns into a positive influence on her and she unconsciously starts dressing modestly. They ultimately fall in love and Mazhar suggests her to think about considering Islam. Catherine has always been scared of her past but does not have the courage to reveal it to Mazhar. Mazhar finally proposes her and plans a trip to Pakistan to speak to his parents about Catherine. While he is gone, she gets forced into prostitution once again by racketeers. They move her to Lester, where she works as a call girl believing that Mazhar has been a part of that racket. She gets freedom after four years, when the racket is disintegrated after a rift within. She returns to London, accepts Islam and restarts her life without any hope for future. While she is living a life of shattered dreams and a broken heart, Mazhar bumps into her redeeming all her suppressed wishes. They get married and start a pleasant life together. Catherine who is now khadija Noor lives a life of a pious woman. They are blessed with a son and are very happy together. After 3 splendid years together, khadija Noor’s life is devastated when one of Mazhar’s friends recognizes her and divulges her hidden past to Mazhar. The bitter truth is intolerable for Mazhar and he instantly divorces her taking away their only son with him. Khadija is helpless and alone once again but now she has a path to follow. She joins an Islamic center and works her way out. After a few years she is married and gets settled in Pakistan. Life in Pakistan turns out to difficult but her perseverance helps her cope. All these years Khadija Noor kept on yearning and praying to meet her lost son. She adopted a girl Marium who was abandoned by her parents. Marium proved to be an ungrateful selfish soul and is very unhappy with her circumstances. She grows up to be an excellent artist and constantly pushes Mama jaan (Khadija Noor) to make use of her British nationality and get settled there. Marium’s displeasure with her life is at its peak when she meets Zil- aid. The name rings a bell and Khadija Noor prays for Marium to get what she wants. Zil-aid marries Marium despite his family’s initial displeasure. Marium gets all her desires fulfilled but her ungrateful and selfish demeanor leads to an intense tragedy in Zil-aid and mama Jaan’s life. Mama jaan’s pious life and tragic death leaves a big Question mark for Marium and Mazhar both.which keeps them haunting for the rest of their lives.



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