Sahar Aik Isti’aara Hey


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The tale of two sisters; one being of a conniving nature while the other being honest and pure and how they conduct themselves when faced by life’s various challenges. The story revolves around the characters of two sisters, Aiman and Marium. Aiman is a beautiful yet highly self-centered girl who has always been pampered and spoiled by everyone around her. Vanity, conceit and arrogance are shown to be the powerful traits that rule her personality, which fuel her false assumption to deserve every good thing in life. Her sister Marium on the other hand is not as pretty as Aiman, but has a heart of gold. She keeps on sacrificing for her sister out of love but Aiman always takes Marium for granted. At one point Aiman’s selfishness exceeds all limits as she uses her beauty to steal Marium’s financially successful fiancée blatantly. Marium endures this gracefully and convinces her mother to fulfill her sister’s desire. Aiman is least bothered about her sister’s feelings as usual and gets married to Marium’s fiancée Saad. Despite the rejection Marium is content with her life. After a few years, Aiman shocks the family once again by deciding to leave Saad without any apparent reason and does not seem to give heed to the fact that she has a son now. The family makes frequent unsuccessful efforts for the patch up, but to no avail as Aiman succeeds in getting a divorce. She marries Saad’s business partner, with whom she has had an extramarital affair. Consequently, Marium gets married to her former fiancée Saad just to find out that he is still in love with Aiman. She makes futile efforts to calm and console him but after realizing the extent of his displeasure with her, she now shifts her focus to Hadeed, her nephew whom she cares for like her own child. She raises him with love and affection and Hadeed is as close to her as he could have been with his real mother. During this period, Aiman’s name has disappeared from all their lives and Saad’s financial status starts improving as his business soars. Hadeed grows up to become a fine gentleman and enlists in the police force. While everything is going well and Marium is planning to get Hadeed married, another mishap is awaiting her life. Aiman’s second husband dies and she being extremely selfish as always, starts contacting Saad again. Marium feels a tinge of strangeness in both Saad and Hadeed’s behavior but cannot deduce the real reason. She falsely assumes that Hadeed had started meeting Aiman and wants her back in their lives. To make matters worse Saad divorces Marium who leaves his house despaired and heartbroken. A stranger gives her shelter and she starts living with his family. After a while Hadeed who had been madly searching for Marium manages to find her who uses her frustration to retaliate with him, at first. He takes her back and she comes to know the fact that Hadeed was the one who was against the reunion of Aiman into their lives and fought for Marium till the end. After sometime, Hadeed gets married and severs every contact with his biological parents. Despite Marium’s insistence on his reconciliation with them Hadeed refuses and punishes them for their selfishness. At this stage, Aiman comes to realize that it was not her charisma and beauty that used to attract everything towards her, instead it was her loved ones’ sacrifice(s) and affection that she kept on manipulating. In the end it is depicted that while Marium lives a peaceful and content life with Hadeed and his family, loneliness ultimately engulfs Aiman and Saad forcing them to reap what they have sown all their lives


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