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Written in a milieu of bureaucracy, revolving around the most influential families of Pakistan, It draws an interesting parallel between their achievements and personal dilemmas. Amar bail is not a tearjerker in true essence yet the emotional ordeals touch your heart and make you feel the pain of its characters and fall in love with them. With a minimum number of characters the simplicity of plot and interweaving of events is the strength of this novel. The story is crafted in different time spans rotating and spinning between present and past giving it a unique flavor which perplexes yet fascinates at the same time leaving the reader taken aback. The Story has 2 parallel aspects; at one level we see adept portrayal of insecurities and complexes of the main characters while on the other level, it has interesting narratives of blatant corruption, misuse of authority and power. Aleezay one of the two main characters of the story is victim of a broken home. The negligence of her parents who have both been remarried has created intense vacuum in her personality. Umar has also been subjected to similar catastrophes with a different outcome. One aspect of his personality is brutal, outspoken and aggressive while the other one is caring and sensitive. Umar instantly takes up the role of Aleezay’s caretaker after meeting her. She doesn’t cave in to his interference easily but his persistent efforts make her accept him as her guardian angel. After a few initial hiccups they develop affinity and kinship. Umar takes care of Aleezay and wants her to be self reliant. Despite his intentions Aleezay gradually becomes emotionally dependent on him. Umar joins civil service only to be dominated and misused by his own father. Aleezay gets attracted to Umar but gets extremely dejected when he doesn’t entertain the idea positively. While still in a state of inner conflict she gets engaged to Junaid , who is a caring and sensible boy with a good family background. Aleezay has to live with the love hate relationship with Umar, yet she tries hard to move on. Umar switches his profession to police department. Aleezay joins a news paper and is subjected to frequent exposure of Umar’s corruption. She is devastated enough to cancel her wedding reception when she comes across the worst nightmare of her life when Junaid reveals a secret to her. Later she takes her decision of breaking the engagement back after being subjected to a lot of pressure from her and Junaid’s families. In a state of frenzy she discloses her emotions for Umar to Junaid. Junaid is shocked but before he could confront him, Umar gets killed in an ambush. After his death Aleezay is shattered to know, that Umar’s indifference was actually a façade for his selfless efforts to protect her.



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