Hum Kahan Kay Sacchay Thay



It was an instant hit that gave recognition to Umera Ahmed. An excellent example of popular fiction, the specialty of this novel is its intricate plot. Written on a simple issue, this novel doesn’t seem to be a mind blowing piece of art initially, nevertheless captivates the reader as the story unfolds. The extent to which the imperfections and flaws of parents haunt their offspring in an eastern society is specifically highlighted. Children belonging to dysfunctional families are always judged in the shadow of their parents. Mehreen the central character is a victim of her past. Aswad is her cousin and among the very few people who are not biased towards her. Mehreen has a very soft spot for Aswad in her heart. Things start changing when they grow up. Mehwish, her pretty cousin tries to lure Aswad by her false attempts. Aswad gets trapped by mehwish and the story takes a new unexpected twist. She then commits suicide, while all the blame of her tragic death falls on Mehreen, making it impossible for her to lead a respectable life anymore. Her death in turn destroys Mehreen’s life. Aswad marries Mehreen to avenge Mehwish’s death, and only after he has used all possible ways of torturing Mehreen does he come to know the reality which shatters his mind and turns the table around. The beauty of the novel is the adept portrayal of Mehreen’s fears and insecurities. Furthermore the complicated psyche of Mehwish; her conceit, treachery and wickedness are also narrated in a very interesting style


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