Iman Umeed aur Muhabbat


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It’s a beautiful saga of a modest girl who did not trade her faith for love and dared to resist the strongest temptation ever. The account of her plight is sublime, hence affects the reader’s heart gently. Each main character in the story has multidimensional shades. Perfect soul-mate transforms into the devil’s herald quite unpredictably. The devoted selfless daughter comes across as an insensitive spouse, who’s been a captive of her bitter past. It is strange how humans get rewarded for their good deeds but don’t usually realize the blessings in disguise. The magnanimous character of Daniel Edgar that entered Umeed’s life as a gift of God endured a similar fate. A wide variety of situations enthralls the reader; there is predicament and solution, Logic and confrontation, sin and morality, rejection and acceptance. The simplicity of the plot enhances the beauty of diverse emotions and sentiments like grief and joy, love and lust, faith and disbelief. Umeed lost her father at a tender age and had to leave her education prematurely to look after her family. She is engaged to Jahanzeb who has been very supportive and has taken care of her through thick and thin. She is madly in love and is emotionally dependent on him. Her life undergoes a drastic change when a few days before their marriage, Jahanzeb threatens to break their engagement after an argument. Despite her strong will to please him, she finds herself unable to fulfill his wish. Her pious upbringing doesn’t let her go astray. The eventual breakup with Jahanzeb, serves as an intense loss in her life. While she is heartbroken and deprived of any hope, Daniel Edgar a foreigner enters her life. Daniel is already influenced by Islam and after further research, accepts Islam. After constant persuasion from her family she marries Daniel who is now Iman. Despite His untiring efforts to please Umeed, her past keeps on haunting her and she is unable to live a happy regret free life. Daniel’s selfless love strikes a chord in her heart at last and she tries to get rid of her misery only to confront the biggest trial of their life which ultimately changes everything.


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